Hello, I am Heleen Rittershaus.
Heleen as in, 'Haylane' .. pronounced in English ;) 
I am a; born in Africa, raised in four different continents, quarter German, settled in Amsterdam, Dutch Jew.
Quite a journey so far.
How did it get me to create this brand?
There are plenty of 'dots' I could connect for you here but to cut it short; about half way through my twenties, after 4 years of studying Photography, I quite suddenly decided to join The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) as a stewardess. 
A logical choice when looking at my past but not one I had ever considered previously.
One day, for a party, I had a t-shirt printed with "Chicken or Pasta?" on it. I also asked some friends to wear t-shirts with other flight related expressions and this is how the idea was (air)born!
10 years down the line I have learned that this idea is so much more than just 'plane' fun. Flight Safety instructions on board an aircraft are so very applicable in life with two feet on the ground!  
Flight Safety is about keeping yourself safe and alive in case of emergencies. Using it in daily life as 'Life Safety' might just help to avoid a lot of life's 'emergency situations' and empower you go about your life more succesfully in general.
How sustainably are you functioning? How helpful are your thoughts and choices? 
Especially with the stuff you need to deal with more often. The crowded supermarket, the traffic jam, packed in an aircraft, when the kids drive you up the wall, when the dog bites, when a bee stings.....when life happens! What helps you out? What thoughts work in the long run? 
A Sustainable Mind is A Sustainable Life. That is what I have come to realise.
So what if we all just Breathe Normally, Mind our Step in life, Cross Check our thoughts & choices, First Help (to understand) ourselves so that we can in turn help others, Open up the Doors to our hearts and fears...  Personally I think it would make a world of difference, don't you?
It's up to you really.. Chicken or Pasta? :-)