Born in Kenya and also raised in Iran and Singapore, the love for travel grew naturally. As did the fascination for the journey of life itself.
After graduating from high school with Art as a 'major' and later studying Photography at Art School, I enjoyed the opportunity to sharpen my senses with my camera, while earning a living as a flight-attendant.
When photographing I am drawn to the more day to day things in life. Street still-lives or rather 'portraits' of human surroundings, rather than portraits of people themselves. 
Someone I admire greatly for his creative work, let me in on this RW Emerson quote to describe what he thought was applicable:-                         
 "The invariable mark of wisdom to see the miraculous in the common" 
With this tendency to reflect on what is hidden within the ordinary, I began to notice something in my work as a flight-attendant, and it was as close-at-hand as 'the seat pocket in front of you'... ;-)
Flight-safety instructions such as; "Breathe Normally" and "First Help yourself, then the others", just to name a couple, proved to be so very applicable in daily life. Flight Safety turned into 'Life Safety' for me! 
This insight, as well as understanding more about my 'mindful' way of capturing things photographically, made things come together for me and the essence of the RITTRSHAUS brand was (air;) born.
Whether it's a sweater or a photograph, my intention is to inspire you to stand still for a bit, to take a pause. To ask yourself what it is that you pay attention to in your life and if it bringing you closer to who you really are or want to be? 
I am confidant that a relaxt, a more sustainable mind, will help you 'Enjoy the Journey'.
It's all about choices really; 'Chicken or Pasta?'.. :-)